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"If Sarah Waters and Stephen King had a love child, it would be Wendy Webb!"
   —M. J. Rose, NY Times bestselling author

Welcome to the official website of bestselling author Wendy Webb, who writes novels of gothic suspense set in old mansions where the dead just might be lurking, where mysteries in the present are tied to long-buried family secrets of the past and strong heroines are trying to make sense of it all. Please check out her new book, The End of Temperance Dare!

The End of Temperance Dare The Vanishing The Fate of Mercy Alban The Tale of Halcyon Crane
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The End of Temperance Dare
Now Available

From her first fog-filled moments at Cliffside Manor's renowned artists' retreat, journalist Eleanor Harper is seized by a sense of impending doom. On her first night, she is horrified to find Penny Dare, daughter of the estate's original owner, dead by suicide, her face covered in garish makeup as though it had been done by a child. After the arrival of the new fellows—including the intriguing, handsome photographer Richard Banks—she begins to suspect that her predecessor chose this particular group with a dangerous purpose in mind.

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