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The Stroke of Winter

The Stroke of Winter

Now available

In her family's Lake Superior home, a woman unearths a disturbing family secret in a blood-chilling novel of suspense by the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of The Keepers of Metsan Valo.

In the tourist town of Wharton, Tess Bell is turning her old family home into a bed and breakfast. But restoring the past in this harshest of winters reveals a terrifyingly chilling mystery...

Closed off from the rest of the house is the shuttered studio of her late grandfather, beloved and celebrated artist Sebastian Bell. It's where Tess discovers a series of his paintings hidden away for generations. But these appear to be works of a twisted mind, a side of her grandfather no one had ever known. They tell a sinister story that's raising disturbing questions for Tess.

What evil has been locked away for so many years? What are Tess's nightmares revealing? What made those deep scratches on the other side of the studio's bolted door? With the help of Wyatt Templeton, a local jack-of-all-trades, she's determined not to stop digging until she unearths the whole truth. But with each sinister brush stroke, Tess is being pulled further and further into the darkness of a secret family history that was never meant to see the light of day.

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Lake Union Publishing, Paperback, November 2022, ISBN: 9781542037600