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"If Sarah Waters and Stephen King had a love child, it would be Wendy Webb!"
   —M. J. Rose, NY Times bestselling author

Welcome to the official website of bestselling author Wendy Webb, who writes novels of gothic suspense set in old mansions where the dead just might be lurking, where mysteries in the present are tied to long-buried family secrets of the past and strong heroines are trying to make sense of it all.

The Stroke of Winter

The Stroke of Winter

Now available

In the tourist town of Wharton, Tess Bell is turning her old family home into a bed and breakfast. But restoring the past in this harshest of winters reveals a terrifyingly chilling mystery...

Closed off from the rest of the house is the shuttered studio of her late grandfather, beloved and celebrated artist Sebastian Bell. It's where Tess discovers a series of his paintings hidden away for generations. But these appear to be works of a twisted mind, a side of her grandfather no one had ever known. They tell a sinister story that's raising disturbing questions for Tess.

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